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Rings today make a fashion statement and there are many different styles and designs within the market place to suit every budget.


Only one thing that we dont recommend is a swivel ring. Purely because of the central pin.

If this breaks then there is a chance you could lose your enamelled center piece and it is very expensive to replace. 9/10 you have to replace the ring.


9ct Gold rings range from £400 - 450


If thats too expensive then there are alot of other rings available

Base metal, Tungston Carbide and even steel nuts. Price ranges from £30-£200 dependent on ring

The 2 rings above are made from Steel Nuts! (temporary unavailable)

Please Note: All rings are made to order and take appx 4-5 weeks to manufacture.

Please make sure you have the correct ring size.

We Cannot and will not replace rings if they are the wrong size,  unless measured by ourselves.


If you are unsure of your ring size, pop in and we will measure your finger for you

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