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Royal Order of Scotland Regalia.

Whether its new brethren regalia, office bearers regalia or part/ full lodge regalia, give us a call, or drop us an email for a quote. You will find that we are VERY competative and have no additional costs. We believe in Flat pricing.

Discounts for multiple orders


ROS Members Apron -

White Leather, Tassled Cords, Superior Quality   £40

Provincial apron, Superior Quality......................£75

Grand Office Bearer apron, Superior Quality.......£105

Special Offer ** Full set (Members apron, 2sashes, 3jewels,

                        armband**.......REDUCED from £163 to Only £130


Green Cordon Sash  £23

Crimson Cordon Sash  £23


Sash Jewels

Jewel for Green Cordon  £15

Jewel for Crimson Cordon  £15

Arm Garter

Arm Garter  £17

breast jewel.jpg
Star Breast Jewel

Star Breast Jewel  £30

Contact Us with Your Requirements

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