These Stunnings gifts can be customised for anything you want.

Whether its for an Installation, birthday, anniversary, christening, raffle prize, give them something that little bit different


The process we use is called Sublimation.

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. (Wikipedia)


The inks are heated to 190 degrees celcius and pressed into the porus surface of the slate. The results speak for themselves.

Masonic Slates

Masonic Slates

Perfect as an installation gift. The Square and Compass with customised text top and bottom.

Personalised Slates

Personalised Slates

Remember that special occasion on a slate. Send us the photos and we will design the slate free of charge

Charity Slates

Charity Slates

Perfect for raising money for your charity. excellent raffle prize

Knights Templar Slate

Knights Templar Slate

Personalised with your Name

Modern Tracing Board Slates

Modern Tracing Board Slates

Personalised with your own name and dates

Regimental Slates

Regimental Slates

Perfect for Servicemen and women past, present and future

Football Slate

Football Slate

Remember the Legends. Any Football Team. Whether its the team logo, stadium, legends, trophies. Tell us what you want and see your vision become reality

Bespoke Slate

Bespoke Slate

Do You have an Idea? Let us know and we will make it happen for you

We offer a FREE design service on all of our slates.

Prices are based on the size of each slate...

19cm x 14cm ....£15

19cm x 19cm ....£20

19cm x 28cm ....£25

30cm x 30cm ....£30

small heart 13cm x 13.5cm... £12

small circle 14cm x 14cm .......£12

semi oval 20cm x20cm...........£20

Slate clocks 19cm x 14cm......£25

slate clocks 19cm x 19cm ......£30

Any Design / picture brought to life

Please note: Should the slate be required for outside use then it needs to be sealed using a sealant spray to protect the porus surface. 

An Addition £5 will be charged as the slate requires appx 3 coats of the sealant


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