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If you are looking for that something a little different , we aim to offer Bespoke Solutions to your requirements.

Many of our Bespoke solutions require re-designing Old Lodge Logos and bringing them into the 21st Century. We do not force these designs on any lodge but merly offer these as an alternative should the lodges wish to use them for their websites etc. All we ask is a little credit mention on your site.

The re-designing of Lodge logos can be a very lengthy process. We do NOT charge for this service, and as such the redesigned logo will be the copyright of VSL Regalia Ltd.

Bespoke Woodwork

Hand Turned Woodwork produced within half a mile of our premises by a renowned Past Master, these pieces of art can be customised to suit any lodge. The attention to detail is simply spectacular. Excellent gift for any installation or presentation.

Bespoke Slates

Perfect for any occasion; Installations, Christenings, Births etc these stunning slates are produced in Central Scotland.

Send us your photos and information and we will do the design work.

Bespoke Workwear

Offering over 1000 different garments, the quality of these are phenomenal. Produced within Central Scotland and can be customised to suit your companies details (either embroidered , printed or Vinyl).  All done Locally

Bespoke Anything!

Still looking for that little bit something different?

Give us a call , lets see what we can do for you .  Even Thongs!

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